Our Portfolio

We are comitted to investing in companies which solve economic, health, lifestyle and
environmental issues through biology.


Investment Philosophy

First Bight will focus primarily in U.S. early-stage synthetic biology companies. We look for exceptional founders and technologies that are able to transform how we make things through biology. These companies will help the world to address that biggest challenges facing our world: health, supply chain, energy transition, employment, inflation, climate change and the environment.


Investment Strategy

First Bight targets investments of $3-5M per company and will seek board position. We will leverage The BioWell and our network to bring strategic partners to support and accelerate the technologies into commercially viable products.


Our Startups

Visolis uses Synthetic Biology to manufacture high-performance materials. The company’s systems approach integrates innovations in Synthetic Biology, chemical catalysis, and process scale-up to enable new bio-based manufacturing platforms.

Financing Round: Seed

Location: Hayward, CA

Vertical(s): Chemicals, Bioindustrial

Founder(s): Deepak Dugar, PhD/MBA


Recent Press for Visolis

Persephone is pioneering the use of synthetic biology for the development of microbial products that impact patient and infant health. Persephone is building an end-to-end platform to industrialize the development of engineered cells that restore health to damaged human ecosystems. The company was founded in the summer of 2017 by synthetic and metabolic engineering pioneers Stephanie Culler PhD, and Steve Van Dien PhD.

Financing Round: Seed

Location: San Diego, CA

Vertical(s): Health, Bio Tech

Founder(s): Stephanie Culler, PhD; Steve Van Dien, PhD


Recent Press for Persephone