Synthetic Biology

“As much of 60% of physical inputs to the global economy
could, in principle, be produced biologically.”

McKinsey Global Institute



The BioEconomy is projected to be a $4-30 trillion global industry. It will fundamentally change the way we produce and manufacture goods and products addressing the biggest challenges the world is faced with today: health, supply chain, energy transition, employment, inflation, climate change, and the environment.



Industrialization of biology is both critical and essential to accelerate and scale the tremendous potential of biology, providing innovative, disruptive and revolutionary solutions that will dramatically transform the infrastructure and sustainable goals of our modern and future society. First Bight is the first venture capital firm solely dedicated to investing and developing early-stage synthetic biology companies to overcome their Industrialization challenges to reach their first milestones for commercialization.



After decades of research powered through the billions of dollars of pharmaceutical companies and governments, scientific and technological advancements have driven the cost of biological manufacturing down. Synthetic biology now sits at the inflection point where industrial production is not only economically feasible to new start up companies but is commercially profitable and can replace the traditional chemical products by manufacturing more efficiently, cost effectively and without the dramatic negative environmental impacts.



First Bight, its Advisors, and the Limited Partners will provide the capital to early-stage companies, solving the economic, health, lifestyle, and environmental issues of the world through Synthetic Biology. We are offering companies through our investments, expertise and Foundry space the ability to achieve critical commercialization milestones, effectively and expeditiously.

The BioWell, our foundry, will be set in Houston. Forthcoming plans include a microbial lab, analytic lab, as well as large fermentation and cell separation capabilities to enable start-ups to quickly test/iterate and refine their microbes and manufacturing processes. Our experts and entrepreneurs will create an innovative community, offering mentorship, advisory, and other operational support. The BioWell will also connect them with industry partners for commercialization.



Houston is strategically and financially positioned to become the hub for the BioRevolution, with the talent, industries, knowledge, workforce, and efficient capital deployment. Houston will lead, attract, and retain the companies and talents to power our modern human society.


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