Advancing Synthetic Biology for a better future.

First Bight Ventures is dedicated to advancing and accelerating early stage synthetic biology companies. Leveraging our industry partners and network, we aim to bring innovation in synthetic biology to industries to transform existing processes/products to deliver a sustainable future.

Our Core Focus

At First Bight, we believe in the broad applications that can be developed via synthetic biology, such as…


Antibody therapeutic development, vaccine production, antibiotic discovery & manufacturing, gene &
cell therapies

Industrials & Environment

Waste water remediation, renewal chemicals, carbon sequestration, sustainable building materials

Consumer & Technology

Plant extracts: flavors, fragrance, personal health, textiles and dyes, electronic coating

Food & Agriculture

Animal protein replacement, sugar reduction, fertilizer reduction, pest control, animal feed and aquaculture

It’s Truly Eye Opening

What exactly is “synthetic biology”?

Synthetic biology is a new interdisciplinary area that involves the application of engineering principles to biology. It aims at the (re-)design and fabrication of biological components and systems that do not already exist in the natural world. 

Synthetic biology combines chemical synthesis of DNA with growing knowledge of genomics to enable researchers to quickly manufacture catalogued DNA sequences and assemble them into new genomes.

Improvements in the speed and cost of DNA synthesis are enabling scientists to design and synthesize modified bacterial chromosomes that can be used in the production of bio-products, renewable chemicals, bio-based specialty chemicals (pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, food ingredients), and in the health care sector as well.

Synthetic biology studies how to build artificial biological systems, using many of the same tools and experimental techniques. The focus is often on taking parts of natural biological systems, characterizing and simplifying them, and using them as components of an engineered biological system.


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